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Tick Control for our residential customers in New England has been growing in importance in recent years. Not only are tick populations on the rise in our region, but the variety of dangerous ticks is also increasing. This is why Colonial Pest Control is offering the Platinum Plan Semi-Annual Preventative Maintenance Program in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.*

Our highly trained technicians will assess the risk areas of your property and develop a target treatment plan tailored for your home. We will also communicate any further recommendations we might have to help you prevent ticks from posing a risk to your family where they live and play.

*Platinum Plan is available only in MA currently due to COVID related restrictions on state testing. We expect to have the Platinum Plan available for all MA and NH customers by late summer.


New England is no stranger to ticks and tick borne illnesses. From the identification of Lyme disease first found in and around Lyme, CT to toxoplasmosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ticks pose threats to our health beyond their parasitic bites. Studies across the region have identified such infections can be transmitted through various ticks species. Colonial Pest Control technicians have been trained to identify specific tick species and we know what possible ailments have been associated with these ticks. In addition, scientists have been identifying ticks in our area which have not previously been known to infest New England. New and notable is the Lonestar Tick, which can transmit bacteria leading to Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis, causing an allergy to red meats. Scientists monitoring for ticks have also noted the Asian Longhorned Tick. The female of this species can lay eggs and reproduce without  mating! This has been known to be a pest for livestock and humans in the Eastern Hemisphere, but is being found in the USA and New England. Two of the most common ticks in the area are the American Dog Tick and the Black-legged tick. Also known as the Deer Tick, the Black-legged tick is the primary culprit for transmitting Lyme Disease.

With a growing variety of tick species being identified in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we need to be particularly vigilant against these pests. Not all ticks transmit disease to humans, but many can. Illness associated with tick can present flu-like symptoms, muscle aches, fever, and some may lead to death.

Ticks are usually associated with other host animals who share your family’s yard. The development from egg to adult can take over two years. The youngest ticks (larvae and nymphs) find small rodents and birds for their first blood meals. This is where ticks pick up the pathogens which may be transferred to larger hosts later on. These hosts are often deer, humans, and pets such as your cat and dog. With this in mind, ticks are usually found in areas where mice, chipmunks, and squirrels are found. This is often within dense vegetation, leaf litter, and transitional areas where your manicured lawn meets the wood line. Knowing these most problematic areas, Colonial technicians use targeted acaricides (pesticides for ticks and mites) where the problems are developing, not where your kids play on the lawn.


Colonial Pest Control customers on the Semiannual Preventative Maintenance Program know how the right treatments at the right times can save a lot of troubles throughout the year. Tick Control is no different. Our highly trained technicians will target key areas around your home and property to halt tick development in its tracks. We find that twice per year treatments to these areas in conjunction with the structural treatment done as part of the Preventive Maintenance Service greatly reduces the population of ticks for our residential customers. While pesticide treatments will greatly reduce the number of ticks surviving in an area, a more comprehensive approach will provide the best results. Some additional measures we recommend are the following:

  • Remove or reduce dense vegetation where small animals, and therefore ticks, will live
  • Create barriers to keep deer and other hosts out of your yard
  • Remove leaf litter especially near play sets and from under decks
  • Keep your lawn well mowed. Ticks require a moist environment; low grass is too dry for tick development.
  • Create a 3 foot barrier of stone or mulch between your yard or play areas and the wooded or bushy areas around your yard
  • Remove tall grasses and ground over as well as plants such as bayberry which provide good habitats for small animals and ticks
  • Remove old furniture, mattresses, or trash where ticks may hide
  • Stack wood and construction materials neatly in a dry area.

Daily tick checks are recommended for your family and pets. Most illness transitions require ticks to be attached and feeding for a period of time greater than 24 hours. Catching and removing a tick within 24 will prevent most illnesses from being transmitted from the tick.


By adding on Tick Control and Prevention to your home’s Semiannual Preventative Maintenance program, you’ll be upgrading to the Platinum Plan and reducing the risk of tick bites and their related illnesses from impacting your family and pets. While reduction measures cannot completely eliminate tick populations from your yard, or from being introduced by a wandering animal who enters your yard, we are confident that the results you see will leave you satisfied and more comfortable to use your yard. As always, we provide our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with our services.

Contact our team today to add on Tick Control and Prevention services to your existing Gold Plan Maintenance Program or to start protecting your home and yard with the Platinum Plan, our most comprehensive program yet! Call 800-525-8084 or contact us online for your free quote today!

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